Wild Bird and Pets

Wild birds need looking after in order for them to breed happily and not diminish. Many breeds of wild bird are becoming rare and it is our responsibility to try to look after them.

Offering the correct range of feeds to your birds encourages them to stay in your garden and local vicinity. Also don’t forget birds need water even in winter, so always make sure fresh water is freely available whether it be from the bird bath or from a drinker.

Here at Ruskington we offer an excellent range of bird feeds and accessories.

Extensive ranges of feed and seed mixes that have been expertly selected and blended to give the wild birds the exact energy rich nutrients they need in order to thrive. We even offer specialist blends for certain types of bird for example robin, finch or song bird mix.

Feeders – well what a selection, all types of feeders for all different types of feeds are available to suit all budgets and don’t forget the treats, such as fat balls – birds love them!

A lovely selection of bird tables and bird baths are always available – So why not come and check us out!

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