A comprehensive range of Specialist Growing media is stocked at Ruskington Garden Centre.

We offer a huge range of growing media depending on your personal and also your gardening requirements, whether it be for Houseplants, greenhouse, or outdoor use.

Our offering of growing media ranges from peat-free, loam based, reduced peat, coir based and moisture control.

Seed & Cutting compost is used for sowing seeds, striking cuttings, delicate cuttings and all sensitive young plants.

Several types of multipurpose compost which can be used year round are stocked, some have added john Innes, others have water retention properties – the choice is yours.

Moisture control and hanging basket compost have properties suitable for summer use with wetting agent and time controlled fertilizer included. These composts are suitable as the name suggests for Hanging Baskets, Pots and Containers.

Loam based John Innes compost is probably one of the oldest names in the compost world.  There is John Innes Seed, used for seedlings and rooting cuttings.  John Innes No 1, which is suitable for young plants and freshly rooted cuttings. John Innes No2 is ideally suited for re-potting plants.  John Innes No3 contains the highest nutrient levels of all the John Innes and is suitable for final potting of mature plants.

Ericaceous compost is a lime free compost and is a requirement for all gardeners who need to use a compost for plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camelias and other plants which will not tolerate lime.

We offer planters especially for your home grown potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers or vegetables and even a range of ‘Grow your Own’ media.

You may wish to add a little extra Top Soil or dig in our Farm Yard Manure compost.  Possibly while planting you may wish to use Rose Tree and Shrub Compost or you may wish to just mulch using Soil Conditioning Compost or Water Saving Bark.

We have the product to suit your every requirement!

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