Patio Planting

Now is the time to be thinking of planting new bulbs in your pots for spring flowering. There are a wide variety of bulbs available in the Garden Centre at this time of year. Buy them early so you have a better choice of variety and colour. To help give your pot grown bulbs a healthy start and encourage good growth, it is best to use  Bulb Fibre Compost. Remember your bulbs still need good drainage to prevent rotting over the winter months.

Once your bulbs are planted consider using some winter flowering bedding plants or evergreen shrubs in the top of the pots to provide interest until your bulbs begin to shoot.  An all purpose compost is more suitable if you intend to combine bulbs and bedding plants in the same container. Do remember that pots may still need watering in winter depending on their position in the garden and good drainage is also required.

If some of your established pot grown shrubs are looking wilted, despite the soil still being moist, it could be a sign that vine weevil are attacking the plant’s roots. Another indicator of vine weevil activity is distinctive notch like holes in the plant foliage . The best treatment is a soil drench using Provado  Vine Weevil Killer following the manufacturers directions.

Beds and Borders 

Spring flowering bulbs are now widely available and it is a perfect time for planting Daffodils and Crocus etc but don’t forget to label them to remind you of their location.If the soil is heavy use Coarse Grit to improve drainage.

Autumn is a time to remove summer annuals that have past their best and prepare the soil with Miracle Gro Soil Conditioner ready for your autumn bedding plants.. It is also the time to lift and divide and replant perennials that have become congested.

If you are planting new shrubs you could prepare the soil with organic matter and incorporate Mycorrhizal Root Grow or bonemeal as directed to stimulate new root development.

Evergreen hedges such as Leyland Cypress would benefit from being cut back around now.


Now is a good time to start thinking about choosing new trees for your garden. Take into consideration the mature height and spread of the tree you choose and any maintenance requirements that may be necessary in the future. Prepare the area where you want to plant by clearing weeds and incorporating organic matter such as Levington Soil Conditioner. Use a suitable stake and tree tie to stop root movement and aid root development.   It is also well worth considering whether any protection will be needed against rabbit or deer damage.


Many lawns especially those belonging to families with children will have had quite a lot of use over the summer months, therefore after preparing the affected area a good repair for any dead or dying patches would be Miracle Gro Patch Magic.

To help prevent bare patches and worm casts it is advisable to try and rake up any dead leaves at least once a week.

The roots of the grass in your lawn could benefit if you dress the lawn with an autumn fertilizer, you can choose from a variety such as Evergreen Autumn Lawn Feed and Moss Killer. You can use a spreader to do this but if you haven’t got one some of the containers of fertilizer come complete with a built in dispenser. Always following the recommended application rate for the product you are using.


Now is an ideal time to tackle weeds, the weeds need to be actively growing for any weed killer such as Roundup Ground Clear or  Weedol Rootkill to be effective. It is advisable to water the area where your weeds are growing two or three days before hand. Try to pick a dry day when rain is not expected and it is not too windy as care should be taken not to spray plants that you want to keep.


The late season fruit in your garden will start to ripen and be ready for picking including autumn raspberries, blackberries, figs, damsons, apples and pears depending on the variety. Use grease bands or fruit tree grease to protect from winter moth on apple trees.


Any flowers that develop on your outdoor tomatoes this month won’t set fruit and ripen so pinch out the growing tips to help the plant save its energy for ripening the fruits that are already growing.

Late crop potatoes may be ready for digging towards the middle of the month. Be sure to leave them on the surface for a few hours to dry out before putting into storage boxes in a dark frost free place.

Onions would also need a drying out period of roughly three weeks before storing.

If you are growing courgettes and marrows, you may want to gather them while they are still quite small and tasty. Ideal sizes would be around 4” for courgettes and no bigger than 10” for marrows.

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