feeding of birds

Indoor Gardening

Indoor plants should need less watering now as the days shorten and light levels reduce. Most foliage plants are not growing at this time and therefore need less nutrients and water.

However some indoor plants are just about to start flowering and will still need watering and a regular feed according to the plants requirements i.e. orchids will need orchid food etc.

Beds and Borders

Continue to collect fallen leaves from borders to reduce damage to small plants that have become buried and help keep slugs and snails at bay.

Lift tender perennials and corms for potting up or storing through the winter. Dahlia tubers and chocolate cosmos will not easily survive the winter cold if left outside.

Now is the perfect time of year to plant new rose bushes and climbers into the garden.  Ensure you achieve good root contact with the soil and firm in well.  New roses will need to be given some care during the following season if the summer is dry.


Continue to collect any fallen leaves from the lawn. These can be added to your compost bin or if a large amount of leaves have fallen they could be collected and composted separately to produce leaf mould compost.

Fruit & Vegetables

This is a good time to be planting garlic ready for harvest next year. It is also the time to replace and plant new Fruit bushes, Raspberry canes and Rhubarb. A selection will be available at the Garden Centre.


Now is the optimum time for filling in gaps in established hedges or replanting a new hedge. Make sure the planting area is well prepared. A range will be available from early November in the Garden Centre.


Now is an ideal time to start feeding the garden birds, however some people do feed them all year round. Make sure feeders are regularly cleaned and kept topped up. Select a bird seed relevant to the type of birds you wish to encourage into the garden, such as Insect Mixes to provide food for garden favourites like Robins.

Position a Bug Box or Hedgehog House to help encourage beneficial insects and slug munching mammals into your garden.

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