Patio Planting

Now is the time to make sure hanging baskets, window boxes and containers will be ready for Summer. When planting use Miracle Gro Moisture Control Compost to help prevent drying out and reduce watering requirements. Additional feeding with Miracle Gro All Purpose feed will boost flowering and healthy foliage. Pinch out the young shoots of bedding plants to encourage better branching, fuller plants and more flowers.


Beds and Borders

Now that the threat of late frosts is over it is a good time to plant out bedding such as Geraniums, marigolds, verbena or petunias. Always incorporate some good quality compost such as Levington All Purpose with added John Innes into the planting area.

A wide range of flowering perennials are now available to choose from at the Garden Centre. These are ideal to use for filling in gaps, creating a new colour scheme or adding additional interest to your existing plant range.

Cut back early flowering perennials such as Erysimum  Bowles Mauve to encourage more buds to form and keep the garden looking tidy. Apply a balanced feed such as Growmore to borders to encourage healthy foliage and flowers. Remove faded flowers from Rhododendrons and Azaleas and apply a suitable ericaceous fertiliser to maintain the correct nutrient levels.

Remove dead foliage from spring flowering bulbs once they have died back completely.

Now is the time to sow seed for wallflowers and other biennials in a prepared seed bed. These will be lifted in the Autumn and replanted into their final position for Spring flowers next year.


Continue to keep the lawn trimmed and if the weather is turning hot and dry leave the grass cuttings on the top of the lawn to help give the lawn some shade and retain moisture in the soil. This is only advisable if you regularly mow and the clippings are short.  Make sure the clippings are evenly dispersed or you may encourage areas of moss to develop. Rake out and seed any bare patches caused by moss and weed treatments. Miracle Gro Patch Magic is an easy way to accomplish this if conditions are dry.

Fruit & Vegetables

This is a busy time for growing young vegetables and fruits now that the threat of frost has gone. Keep the plants well watered and feed with a suitable fertiliser to encourage a good crop. You may also need to treat with Bug Clear Ultra for Fruit and Vegetables to help keep all bugs at bay.

Crops are susceptible to damage from birds and a range of protective netting is available at the Garden Centre to prevent this happening.


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