Pattern rose bush

Patio Planting

As flowers and vegetables growing in your containers get bigger they will require more frequent watering especially on windy days when the roots can dry out quickly. This will vary depending on the type of compost used, the plant and the container. Flowering bedding plants will require regular dead heading to stop them producing seed and encourage further flowering.

It is important to maintain good nutrient levels to ensure healthy growth and an abundance of flowers. Regularly use a suitable fertiliser in your pots to suit the plants requirements, for example Miracle Gro All Purpose for bedding plants or soluble ericaceous feed for Pieris and Azaleas. A plant stimualnt /tonic such as Liquid Seaweed is perfect for foliage plants and palms.

Beds and Borders

Continue to water new plants in the beds and borders throughout the warmer period to prevent the soil from drying out. Keep feeding on a regular basis to encourage healthy growth. Dead head plants regularly to help prevent them from setting seed and control weeds to reduce competition for nutrients. Weed suppressing membrane or mulch will help to keep weeds at bay and make them easier to remove.


If we are lucky enough to be enjoying a particularly hot summer it is best to give your lawn a complete soaking rather than apply small quantities of water more regularly, this will ensure the roots are watered thoroughly and encourage a healthier lawn.


The fresh growth on fruit trees and bushes can be very susceptible to attack from pests and diseases. Check frequently and apply a suitable treatment as required. The Garden Centre staff will be happy to assist you with diagnosis and product selection should you require help.

Tie up and secure the branches of plum trees if there is a lot of fruit to help support the weight and prevent snapping.

Use Wasp traps or Eco Mesh to discourage insects from ripening fruit.


Now is usually a good time to start picking runner beans, French beans and courgettes as they become ready. Early harvest potatoes such as Maris Bard and Swift should be ready around this time. Continue to succession sow vegetable seed to ensure continued cropping.

Once tomatoes and peppers have set fruit feed regularly with Tomorite or a high potassium fertiliser. Maximise water uptake to help prevent blossom end rot using Chempak Calcium as directed.


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