Beds and Borders

Many gardeners will now be thinking of growing their plants from seed, the Garden Centre has a huge variety to suit most avid gardeners. Those of you who don’t have the space or the time to grow from seed can always buy young plants to grow on in the near future.
If borders are looking a little bare it is worth incorporating some additional plants to provide some winter colour.  If the ground isn’t frozen, it is an ideal time to plant winter flowering shrubs such as; Witch Hazel or Viburnum.  A range of plants are available that will give the garden an extended season of interest from stem and foliage colour or flowers and fragrance.  Helleborus are particularly good planted in moist, free draining soil in a partially shaded location. These can provide flowers from mid winter to late spring depending upon variety.
Take time to keep winter borders tidy by removing dead or dying leaves and flower heads.

Patio Plants

Continue to keep an eye on your winter hanging baskets and patio tubs. Dead head where necessary to keep them looking their best. Keep an eye on the weather and should it be very wet check your pots are draining sufficiently. Using pot feet should encourage better drainage. A selection will be available at the Garden Centre. Alternatively containers with evergreen shrubs may benefit for additional watering if the weather is very dry. Check that frost have not been forecast before watering.
Adding some extra planters to your patio containing winter flowering shrubs is an ideal way to enliven a dull area and provide interest if no space is available in the garden borders. Many winter flowering shrubs are suitable for growing in containers.  Ask staff for advice about the most suitable compost for the shrub you have chosen.  Pieris and Camellia, for example, require ericaceous growing media for healthy foliage.
When paths and patios are icy you could use rock salt to prevent accidents.

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