Quince Bush Blossoms

Beds and Border

Keep an eye on your borders in case of slug damage to new emerging perennial shoots. There are several options available in the Garden Centre to combat this pest such as slug traps, coarse grit and garden friendly slug pellets, Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer is ideal.

Spring Bulbs

Now is an excellent time to buy some ready potted bulbs to add extra colour in pots or borders where you may have spaces. Many of these provide an excellent source of pollen for early feeding bees.


Now is the time to dress the soil around the roots of your fruit trees with a fertiliser such as Fish,Blood and Bone or Growmore.  Follow the product directions for application rates and frequency of use.


If the weather is mild, towards the end of the month you may want to think about sowing an early crop of vegetables such as peas or broad beans. They will need covering with fleece or a cloche to help ensure the germinating seeds are protected from severe weather. A selection of different, easy to use, cloches will be available from the Garden Centre and come in different sizes  to suit all your requirements.
Preparing and digging over areas that are to be used to grow vegetables could be done if the weather is mild, adding compost or soil conditioner. However avoid working the soil if it is very wet.
If you have not already purchased your seed potatoes for the coming season now is a good time to do so to ensure your chosen variety is still available.  A wide range will be available at the Garden Centre from January to suit all tastes and growing conditions.  Place your seed potatoes in trays or egg boxes to encourage the shoots to grow prior to planting (chitting). Keep in a cool, frost free position with good light and good air circulation to allow strong healthy shoots to develop. Chitting helps to ensure good yields after the seed potatoes are planted in the soil.


If you do not already compost your garden waste it is worth considering finding a small area for a compost bin.  Building up layers with grass clippings and pruned stems will allow you to tackle the problem of garden waste and produce a good source of organic material for helping with soil improvement in the future. Plastic compost bins are available in different sizes and are easy, tidy and require very little room.  Traditional wooden compost bins can be purchased in easy to assemble kits and make managing your garden waste easy. Encourage efficient composting by incorporating natural additives such as Garotta Compost Maker with each additional layer of material.

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