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Cold Frames

Young plants and cuttings are often better to be protected in their first season by being placed in a cold frame. Keep an eye on the weather and if you should have a sunny day open up the cold frame to encourage air circulation and discourage disease build up.


If your green house isn’t being used it is a good time to carry out general maintenance and disinfect benches ready for later use. Use a Greenhouse Smoke Generator to fumigate against pests.

If your greenhouse is to be used through the winter consider using bubble wrap insulation to help keep out the winter weather. Make sure Greenhouse heaters are serviced and functioning properly and that wicks have been replaced. If necessary stock up on winter paraffin for the heater.


Gather together garden tools and give them a good clean and if appropriate have them sharpened and serviced. Check that you have enough frost fleece and frost jackets to enable you to protect any vulnerable plants should the weather turn very cold. These are widely available in the Garden Centre.

Fruit Trees

Now is an ideal time to prune your established apple and pear trees when the last leaves have fallen. It is also a good time to apply a winter wash if you have not already done this.

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