Blue hydrangea flowers


Patio planting

At this time of year hanging baskets and tubs of bedding plants should still be flowering well. However poor weather conditions may result in them beginning to look a little tired with sparse flowers and yellowing leaves. Additional nutrients applied now will encourage foliage health and help to prolong the flowering period. An ideal supply of feed can be found in Miracle Gro plant food and should be applied following the recommended directions.

Beds and Borders

As with the patio plants all bedding plants can be dead headed and given a feed to keep them healthy and encourage new growth. Plants can be fed easily using a conventional hosepipe fitted with a Liquafeed system. This dilutes the concentrated feed automatically and is applied whilst carrying out your normal watering. Ask at the Garden Centre for more details.

Winter flowering pansies can be planted out now to replace summer bedding that has finished. The soil will need to be rejuvenated and any weeds should be removed or treated with a suitable weedkiller such as Weedol Rootkill Plus.

Flowering bulbs, such as Autumn Crocus can now be planted so that they are settled in before flowering from September onwards.

While the buds are forming for next years flowering it would be wise to give your Rhododendrons and Camellias a feed of Miracle Gro Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron plant food. It is also wise to try to ensure that the moisture level at the roots is kept as even as possible to help prevent the buds dropping in the Spring.

Roses may need spraying with RoseClear Ultra Gun to keep them free of greenfly or blackfly and also help to protect from Mildew, Rust or Blackspot.


Continue to mow your lawn to keep it looking its best. Don’t forget to neaten edges and trim sideways growing grass with a strimmer or a pair of long handled shears.


If your apples and pears being grown in trained forms they will need pruning to maintain the shape and encourage future  crops.  Prune and remove unwanted new growth from top worked trees to keep tidy and fruiting well.

All soft fruits should be picked as soon as they are ripe. These can be protected from birds with netting. Once raspberries have been picked the canes can be cut down to ground level. Late season raspberries such as Autumn Bliss should be pruned in the Spring. The new shoots should be trained and tied in to your supports as soon as they are tall enough. To be sure of a good crop next year water the roots thoroughly if the soil is very dry.

Take care when picking plums and other fruits as wasps may also be enjoying your crop. Wasps can be discouraged by covering the fruit trees when possible with fine netting or placing wasp traps in the area.


All vegetables grown in your garden should be thriving now. Harvest potatoes, beetroot and carrots when they are small to ensure they are eaten at their best.  Keep weeds under control with regular hoeing and check for pest and disease problems.

Tomatoes grown outdoors and indoors should be well on the way to ripening. To encourage pollination you could tap each flower truss on a regular basis and keep the soil constantly moist, never let it dry out. Continue to feed with Tomorite or a high potassium fertiliser following the manufacturers directions.

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